End of Life Vehicles

Due to the legislation regarding end of life vehicles, we now have to process all of the vehicles we take in in accordance of strict environmental regulations.

As soon as a vehicle is brought to us we complete the relevant paper work with the owner which involves the completion of the V5 registration document and the issue a Certificate of Destruction where necessary. This can only be done by an Authorised Treatment Facility, recognised by the D.V.L.A. The vehicle must be stored on and impermeable surface until such time (generally straight away) as it can be de-polluted.

The de-pollution process includes:

  • Removal and safe storage of battery.
  • Removal of tyres for grading and disposal.
  • Drain engine oil.
  • Drain gearbox oil.
  • Drain power steering fluid.
  • Drain suspension fluid.
  • Drain brake fluid.
  • Drain coolant.
  • Drain washer fluid.
  • Drain fuel.
  • De-gas air conditioning units
  • Remove or deploy air bags and seat belt pre-tensioners.
  • Remove parts for re-sale
  • Remove catalytic converters

This process must take place on an impermeable surface which has drainage through an oil grit interceptor tank.

Vehicles are then further stripped and crushed or stored in yard for further dismantling.

As you can imagine this process is time consuming and expensive given its labour intensive nature, the specialist equipment required and yearly licence fees etc.

At present there is no charge to the last owner of a vehicle which is largely due to the price of scrap metal being relatively high. This is also why unlicensed operators may remove your vehicle at a more competitive price than a proper A.T.F. However, this can often prove to be a false economy when a fine comes from DVLA or the Police.

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